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ESOS – What is it?

ESOS is the UK Government's mandatory legislation in response to implementing Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.

The Regulating Body is the Environment Agency. 

For full Environment Agency Guidance please visit the site and download the "Complying with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme" document.


Does it affect me?

ESOS applies to you if any Company within your UK Group of companies has:

More than 250 employees


An annual turnover of €50m and a balance sheet exceeding €43m


What do you have to do?

  • Identify your full Organisation energy usage: gas, electricity, oil, any other fuels and transport.
  • Undertake appropriate energy audits to identify opportunities to save costs.
  • By the 5th December 2015 you needed to confirm compliance to the Environment Agency.
  • This is repeated on a 4 yearly cycle.
  • If you qualify but have missed the compliance deadline above, you must notify the Environment Agency.


How can GENEX help you?

GENEX was one of the first companies to gain the necessary ESOS “Lead Assessor” qualification.


We can provide you with an initial FREE scoping report, just complete our “ESOS Initial Key Facts” application form below and we will arrange a meeting to fully identify and quantify your requirements.


We can undertake all necessary reports and will present fully compliant ESOS assessment reports including a full list of cost recommendations for saving you money.


(i)Present summary report to your Board and obtain the Environment Agency required sign off by The Board.

(ii)Notification to the Environment Agency of compliance with the ESOS Regulations including provision of full “Evidence File”.


ESOS Initial Key Facts

Company Name*
Contact Name*
Telephone Number*
Email Address*
Please list any other Companies within your UK based Oganisation*
Please confirm your approximate energy usage or cost for the following
Other Fuels *
Transport (Own fleet & Employee Business fuel)*
Is the majority of your energy use on buildings i.e. Heating & Cooling, lighting, Office IT/Equipment
If "No" do you have a specialist "Process" energy usages, please list these processes:*



> Water hygiene/ legionella control

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> energy & water management

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> breeam

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