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Q. Can GENEX advise me on the legal requirements specifically pertaining to my business type?

A. Yes, no problem. Our service begins by understanding your specific needs and the stipulations of any organisations or bodies that govern and regulate your operation. We’ll then provide straight forward guidance and advice and make you fully aware of your legal obligations as a business.

Q. We’re currently in the planning stages of a major development. Are you able to work alongside our appointed architects to help us design our buildings around key environmental requirements?

A. Yes, we’d be happy to do that. We appreciate that on any development or major construction project a number of parties will need to work in parallel in order to deliver the right result.

Q. Will your services provide me with a good ROI?

A. Although efficiency and reduction of environmental impacts are major drivers for us and our clients, we are confident that operating in a responsible manner will also deliver fiscal benefits to your business. As part of our overarching service, we provide a range of analytical services and data that will help you to evaluate the potential savings and long-term benefits of implementing the positive changes recommended by us.

Q. If I want to meet to run through the initial options will you charge me for this?

A. Absolutely not. We’re a relationship based business so we’re always happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements and give you the chance to get to know us in person prior to employing our services.

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